Thursday, May 23, 2013

Every end is a new Beginning; The Last Chapter

Hi Dolls, welcome back to my channel today I have rather sad but still very exciting news to share with you guys.  I have been working on my blog for a year now and I feel that there is room for some improvement. After allot of talking brainstorming and discussions with my fellow YT partner purfict shade of brown.  We have decided to close our blogs.
Yes you read it right simplyniina is going to be closing. But don’t panic it’s only for the better. As we are growing and developing we as partners (Berry and I) want something different for our channel and blogs. And we decided we are going to fuse our two blogs together, into ONE BLOG.
How amazing is that??Someof you who might follow us on YT might since UGH FINNALLY IT TOOK YOU FOREVER. Since keeping up with two separate blogs and one joint YT Is allot of work. And sometimes confusing for our followers. We decided to eliminate the clutter and start fresh, and re organized.
The new blog is also going to be linked to our YT channel. This means that we are going to rename our channel as well. The name we choose for our Blog and YT is. House of Style.
Why this name? ; Because we have noticed during our year as blogger/vloggers that we like to divert into different roles and categories within vlogging and blogging.
We don’t only vlog and blog about fashion or beauty but we also like to speak our minds film our daily lives, and also bring some humor here and there in our channel. Sticking to one particular name thatrestricts us from doing what we do didn’t seem fair.
But since we are mainly fashion and we like to do allot of things why not turn it into a house. A house of style where you as reader/viewer can enter our world and dip into the many different genres we offer while staying stylish.
That’s why we chose the name House of style.
So from now on you will be able to reach us on  and of course our YouTube Channel nina andberry. 
Please make sure to follow our new blog so you can stay uptodate, because we have prepared many stylish things for you.
So don’t be shy and make a visit, the door to our house is always open,
Bye Dolls meet you over at Our crib ;)
Don’t forget to like our FB page which has also diverted from purfictshadeofbrown to House of style 


Thursday, April 18, 2013

~ Vintage Look ~

  Today I'm back with a quick & simply post, for my Simple Ladies.
Last weekend Berry & I filmed a get ready with us video & we decided to take some pictures for our
Now this is my first of many more OOTD posts. 
For me I find that this outfit has a vintage feel with it thanks to the glasses which I adore!! :)
I love the color combination of my outfit, the pastel pink top and mint green shorts. I find that the colors gave it a very soft & girly look.
          The Shorts are from - The Front Row.
        The Top is also from- The Front Row
The Sandals are from - LOFT. 
The Belt is from - Charlotte Russe. 


         Simply Nina ❤

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mini Products Haul

Hey there my Simply Ladies! It's been a long while since I posted something on my blog.
I've been really busy with school, also my laptop crashed and I just couldn't keep up with blogging. But I decided to sneak in a little blogpost about some products I bought a month ago. It's not allot but heeeey it's worth blogging about.

I have been dying to get my hands on these little suckers for a while now and I finally did.
I fell in love with both of these colors and just couldn't pick one to go home with soooo... I took both of them and im pretty darn happy I did. 
But if I had to choose just one it would have been the Brown Sugar Lip Butter, just because it has a sheer color that it easy to wear everywhere.

Did a little swatch here so you ladies kinda have an idea on how they look :)
I meant to write Candy Apple* 
Was to lazy to re-edit the picture :p

Okay on to the nail varnishes.
As most of you know if not... doesn't matter but I love love love nail varnishes, I am so addicted to them if I can go in a store and buy the whole nail varnish rack I would but sadly I can't :(
These 2 captured my eyes a while ago and I just had to pick them up.
The white one mostly because it would be such a good base color for those sheer colors that I want to pop up with out having to reapply like 10 times lol if you know what I mean! 

Derma V10 what can I say, this body butter scent is so surreal it really smells like pure mango.  
It's very moisturizing and nourishing to my skin., I like using it at night because my skin feels so soft and the fragrance helps me drift away into sleep.
After im done with this one im planning on trying the strawberry body butter.

It's been a while since I used any lip gloss so I went and picked  up one at the Victoria's Secret store.
Im still not very fond of this one cause they do tend to be very sticky.

Since my old Toner was reaching it's end, I wanted to give this one a try.
I do like this one, but it's gonna take some time before I can actually see some results.

Simply Nina ❤

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Why Men Love Bitches

As you can see from my tittle today I'll be sharing something completely different. I got this book as a present for my birthday from one of my best friends (Melissa), and I must say I was very happy cause I've been reading allot of books lately since it's so relaxing and because I also love how into a good book I can get. It makes me feel like I am in a completely different world.

Now before you start thinking why do I have to be a Bitch just so a guy can like/love me... This isn't the Bitch that comes to our mind when we think of a Bitch you know, the bad tempered, unpleasant woman who keeps ranting and saying allot of crap non stop (Bitch on wheels).  The way that the author is describing this Bitch (Woman) is as a kind yet strong independent Woman. She has a strength that is ever so subtle. She doesn't give up her life and she won't chase a MAN. She knows what she wants but won't compromise herself  to get it.

Now I am not the kind of girl who would read self help books but I love reading this one! As soon as I saw it, it immediately caught my attention. Because it sounded so interesting it is a must read for me, and I just can't put the book down I'm really happy I got this as a present. Now this book cannot help you find, keep or get a man. But it will make you realize that this book is about you, being a strong woman that can dodge the nonsense some men make you go through and teaches you that you are all you need. Now even if you now this already it's good that you do because knowing this, and really believing it, is what will make a man love and respect you according to the author Sherry Agrove.


If I would rate it, it would be a  9.5 out of 10

       Simply Niina xxx

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

A Jar of Memories


So Ladieeees it's a new year!! Are you ready for new goals, memories & new adventures to look back on?
Here's a great way to store them so by the end of this year, you can look back and see all the amazing things that has happened to you in 2013.
I saw this cute idea from our bloggers Facebook page which is Team Curaรงao Bloggers.  

So I decided to take some pictures on how I decorated my jar 
these are the things that I used. 

So I started off by folding the paper. 

Then drawing a half heart on one side. 

When I was done drawing the heart I cut it out.
 (which came out a bit crooked but oh well =P)

Then I used some clear tape
 taped each end on the jar so it would be more stable.

After that I added some glue.

Pour some glitter aaaaaaand 



 Simply Niina xoxo

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

M.A.C Match Master

Hii there my Simple Ladies I'm back again with a quick & simple post.
So last week I decided to get the M.A.C Match Master, since I'm going to take allot of pictures this month & I want to look flawless. 
But as soon as it's January I am defiantly buying The Bobbi Brown Liquid Foundation. 
I do like the M.A.C Match Master foundation buuut after trying The Bobbi Brown foundation, I believe it's going to be hard for me to like any other foundation like that one.
So you may ask why 2 foundations??
Well, allot of you ladies know that Bobbi Brown cosmetics are very expensive. 
So to make it last longer I will only use it on special occasion. 

To apply my foundation I'm using the e.l.f foundation brush it's not my favorite but it does get the job done.

I decided to buy the one with the pump, since it will be easier for me to manage & not so messy cause I can be a klutz sometimes :P

& I did a little swatch here so you ladies can see.

Simply Niina xoxo

Monday, December 10, 2012

Pretty in Peplum & Stunning in Sequin❆❆

    So in a few weeks it's Christmas I wonder how many Ladies are exited & freaking out at the same time, cause they don't know exactly what they're gonna wear yet. So here are a few dresses, skirts &        
          tops that I think you can Rock this Christmas.  

I started by picking out a few Peplum Dresses I find them great especially for a family christmas dinner. Find the right size & you can never go wrong with a Peplum dress. 
First of all the peplum dress is  a very classic look & it will give you some curves you never thought you had,    
cause it fit's your body so good you will be amazed my friend. 

Or if you're not so into dresses this year, you can also Rock the Peplum Tops with a nice high waisted skirt or some nice colored jeggings. 

Now if you're invited at night for a christmas party after your family christmas dinner. The ideal style that I find that is awesome to rock is SEQUIN.  
It's perfect, you will look stunning and fabulous!!
Now if you find that rocking a full sequin dress is to much for you, you can always go with a sequin top or a sequin skirt.

But if you're daring and willing to rock the dress 
Go ahead you will look amazing!!

                                                                      Simply Niina xoxo 

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