Monday, December 10, 2012

Pretty in Peplum & Stunning in Sequin❆❆

    So in a few weeks it's Christmas I wonder how many Ladies are exited & freaking out at the same time, cause they don't know exactly what they're gonna wear yet. So here are a few dresses, skirts &        
          tops that I think you can Rock this Christmas.  

I started by picking out a few Peplum Dresses I find them great especially for a family christmas dinner. Find the right size & you can never go wrong with a Peplum dress. 
First of all the peplum dress is  a very classic look & it will give you some curves you never thought you had,    
cause it fit's your body so good you will be amazed my friend. 

Or if you're not so into dresses this year, you can also Rock the Peplum Tops with a nice high waisted skirt or some nice colored jeggings. 

Now if you're invited at night for a christmas party after your family christmas dinner. The ideal style that I find that is awesome to rock is SEQUIN.  
It's perfect, you will look stunning and fabulous!!
Now if you find that rocking a full sequin dress is to much for you, you can always go with a sequin top or a sequin skirt.

But if you're daring and willing to rock the dress 
Go ahead you will look amazing!!

                                                                      Simply Niina xoxo 

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  1. Love it am tottaly obsessed with sequins suddenly idk why tho' am hoping to buy one for new years

  2. I know me too they're just so FAB!!

  3. Love sequins too! Maybe I'll get a long sleeve sequin dress for a holiday event. Not sure yet :p

  4. I sooo want a sequin dress!!

  5. If you Ladies do end up getting a sequin dress OOTN please!! :D

  6. Love the dresses! Sequins are always amazing but I'm also loving that red peplum dress! Can't wait for the holidays.

    1. Hahaha yes they are and neither can I :D


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