Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mini Products Haul

Hey there my Simply Ladies! It's been a long while since I posted something on my blog.
I've been really busy with school, also my laptop crashed and I just couldn't keep up with blogging. But I decided to sneak in a little blogpost about some products I bought a month ago. It's not allot but heeeey it's worth blogging about.

I have been dying to get my hands on these little suckers for a while now and I finally did.
I fell in love with both of these colors and just couldn't pick one to go home with soooo... I took both of them and im pretty darn happy I did. 
But if I had to choose just one it would have been the Brown Sugar Lip Butter, just because it has a sheer color that it easy to wear everywhere.

Did a little swatch here so you ladies kinda have an idea on how they look :)
I meant to write Candy Apple* 
Was to lazy to re-edit the picture :p

Okay on to the nail varnishes.
As most of you know if not... doesn't matter but I love love love nail varnishes, I am so addicted to them if I can go in a store and buy the whole nail varnish rack I would but sadly I can't :(
These 2 captured my eyes a while ago and I just had to pick them up.
The white one mostly because it would be such a good base color for those sheer colors that I want to pop up with out having to reapply like 10 times lol if you know what I mean! 

Derma V10 what can I say, this body butter scent is so surreal it really smells like pure mango.  
It's very moisturizing and nourishing to my skin., I like using it at night because my skin feels so soft and the fragrance helps me drift away into sleep.
After im done with this one im planning on trying the strawberry body butter.

It's been a while since I used any lip gloss so I went and picked  up one at the Victoria's Secret store.
Im still not very fond of this one cause they do tend to be very sticky.

Since my old Toner was reaching it's end, I wanted to give this one a try.
I do like this one, but it's gonna take some time before I can actually see some results.

Simply Nina ❤


  1. love love love everything plus the new headerrr

  2. Products are always worth blogging about and it sounds like you found some good ones! That body butter looks great!

    1. Hahaha yes they are! Especially if there is allot of products out there! :)

  3. You got a lovely blog here..of course I am following!!


    1. Hi Jezz!! Thank you so much!! And you have a great blog to :)


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