Wednesday, January 09, 2013

A Jar of Memories


So Ladieeees it's a new year!! Are you ready for new goals, memories & new adventures to look back on?
Here's a great way to store them so by the end of this year, you can look back and see all the amazing things that has happened to you in 2013.
I saw this cute idea from our bloggers Facebook page which is Team Curaรงao Bloggers.  

So I decided to take some pictures on how I decorated my jar 
these are the things that I used. 

So I started off by folding the paper. 

Then drawing a half heart on one side. 

When I was done drawing the heart I cut it out.
 (which came out a bit crooked but oh well =P)

Then I used some clear tape
 taped each end on the jar so it would be more stable.

After that I added some glue.

Pour some glitter aaaaaaand 



 Simply Niina xoxo