Friday, March 30, 2012

My Beauty Guru's♡

Hi there Ladies, so everyone who’s into fashion has a fashion & favorite Beauty guru. I mean I am not a Beauty junkie but I think it’s important for a girl to look decent. For me having a natural look is the most beautiful look a girl can wear, but I also think that wearing  makeup can do justice on days  you want to feel  extra pretty and fabulous.  So enough with the bibber blabber  here is one of my favorite YOUTUBE Guru’s.
Hope you guys like & till next time
Simply Niina xoxo


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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Introduction ♡

So today I decided to start with my blog, I got inspired by my best friend Berry who also has a blog which is perfect shade of you guys should check her out ;)
Since this is my first post I am going to keep this short and tell you a little bit about what my blog is going to consist of. It will be about anything and everything that happens to cross my mind that day, so you can expect everything from fashion to vlogs, pictures of random things ect ect...... I do not own a camera right now so please bear with me, because my old one broke. 
So for now this is what I am going to leave you with till next time.

Simply Niina xoxo