Thursday, October 04, 2012

Vancaro Watches ♥

Hey there Ladies, so today I wanted to share something so cute with you all.
A few days ago I discovered this Brand, witch I think is best known for some of you ladies. 
Vancaro  I totally fell in love with their watches they are so beautiful, girly & cute!
So I went on their site to see what more this beautiful brand has to offer & I was amazed.
Starting from there watches to accessories to there bags, phone cases etc etc. Some of the bags were a little bit "to" blinged out for me. But the One thing that caught my eyes was the watches. I decided to share a few of my favorites that i liked down below. Let me know what you think of them & if it's something that you would buy or not.

Don't forget to let me know what you think =)

Simply Niina xoxo

Aren't they to die for!!! 


  1. Yes I love Vancaro! I discovered this brand recently as well. Sooo my style!

    1. It's so fabulous there phone cases are also gorgeous!

  2. such beautiful watches!)

    Love your blog! Hope you'll love mine and follow me back! <3

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  4. are these watches water resistant?


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