Sunday, October 21, 2012

Daisy by Marc Jacobs ( EAU SO FRESH) ✿

Hii there my simple ladies, so as you ladies can see by my title I am going to give you all a quick and simple review of a perfume I got as a gift.
What I think about it, if I like the smell, how the packaging is & of course I have some pictures down below for the ladies that haven't seen it yet. Witch I doubt but oh well you never know =)

Enjoy & don't forget to comment, letting me know what perfumes you love.
Simply Niina xoxo

                           Let's start with the packaging

I absolutely looove the packaging it's so sleek but yet you have a good grip on it & what about the Daisy cover??? I think that was what caught my eyes when I got it, it's so pretty and cute I just couldn't stop looking at it.... Who wouldn't =)

                                             The Smell

The smell... O gosh it's smells soooo good. It's has a really light and summery smell witch last pretty long with just a couple of sprays. So I find that good especially when I have a very busy day & I don't have time to reapply my perfume.

  I didn't actually think that I would have like it when I got it, & I don't like.... I love it!!


  1. It looks so fabulous!!!

  2. I love daisy, its one of my many many perfumes! Your photos are adorable in the grass.



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