Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Things im loving lately ✿

So lately i've been loving these products, and i have to say they are good i really love them.
For me it's hard to find something that i really love because i can be a very picky person when it comes to products especially lotion hahaha. Because i think it's really really important to keep your skin hydrated, smooth and supple. So here are my products down below and i'll try to give you a 411 on them.
Enjoyy =)
Simply Niina xoxo

This product does wonders for my hair, it keeps every strand of hair in place.
I try to use a very little amount of this product because it's very thick, & it can also weigh my hair down if i use to much.
But other then that it's great and smells amazing!!

Aaaah! Who doesn't love a Victoria's Secret product. 
I know i do, this little body mist does a lot. When i first saw this i thought OH! How cute and then i got a whiff outta this baby & BAM! I immediately fell in love with this smell it has a very refreshing smell.
To bad i only bought one..

What is there to say about this blush it's a beautiful color & it looks great on me
& goes on smoothly..
I love it I love it & I love it!!

EOS  Lotion 

EOS Lipbalm 

This is the first time that i purchased EOS product's but lemme tell you something...
I'm glad that i did, these 2 product's works wonders on my skin & on my lips  
Especially the Lipbalm, you know when your lips get a little bit crusty you got's to pucker does baby's up & give them a good old moisturizing. 
This really does the TRICK!


  1. beautiful beauty products!! I'm jealouss :)))
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    follow each other?? <3

    1. Hahaha thank you!! Sure i will follow your blog =D


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