Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Summer's ending

Hii Ladies, so as you can see from my post my summer vacation is reaching it's end.
And i have to say that it didn't go the way i planned it, but it was okay =]
I went to Miami and then on a cruise for a week, we went to the Bahamas it was so beautiful and i was kind disappointed because i couldn't see as much as i wanted to but yeaa... i made the best of it. After our cruise i went to Orlando stayed there for 4 days then came back to Miami and stayed there for 3 days i did shop here and there i also bought some cute t-shirts i will try and post some pictures of those in the weekend, then i came back to my beautiful Island Curacao. When i got back i had some visitors and of course went to spend some quality time with my best friend here are some pictures enjoy!!

Simply Niina xoxo

P.s these pictures are taking on Curacao 

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