Wednesday, August 08, 2012

♡ Let's talk Style ♡

It's been a long while since i've been on LOOKBOOK or Chictopia. I usually go there to get some new fashion idea's and new way's to style my clothes. But let's be honest it's not easy to find your taste in fashion online. But for me it can be easy and it can be difficult, cause i might find something that i think looks great. But in the end it doesn't look good on me so it's kinda a win & lose situation if you know what i mean.

   For example in this picture

I love the way she combined the Shirt and the Denim Short together it looks great.
But the tights and what seem to be studded ankle boots is not working for me.
So instead i would rather pair this outfit  with some cute Black Suede Jeffrey Cambell Lita dupe.
But of course if you can afford the real thing then goo ahead my friend =]

And to give it that Edgy look she was pulling off, i would grab a little studded sideways bag so it wouldn't look to overwhelming with the Lita's and the studs for me i guess. So you'll just have the right amount of "edgynis" 

            You can find this bag on
                  For $45.00 it's the sundown studded bag in black of course

  As for Accessories i would get one statement ring
    And that should do the Trick!

    I hope you Ladies like the way i re-styled this simple yet edgy outfit
   if you have any ideas as to how else you would style it just let me know.

                                          Simply Niina xoxo

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